Episode 10 – Douaa

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Amal La Charles – Episode 10 – Douaa

This episode of Amal for Charles is very special because our guest is from Gaza, in an episode recorded before the war. We had lost contact with Douaa for months until we succeeded in reaching her in early March. Douaa told us that she is currently with her family in Rafah, but the Israeli threats of attack and the continuous bombing have prompted the family to think about leaving again. But where can they go? Doaa told us that her diary is a diary of suffering, and she does not know what comes after Rafah. Doaa is in a wheelchair, and so is her sister. The episode we recorded with her before the war was about Gaza and her life as a disabled person. It was an episode full of laughter over a story that contained a lot of challenge and at the same time hope.

Amal for Charles is a podcast that deals in a satirical way with the bullying that people with disabilities are exposed to. In each episode, Charles, who stutters, and Amal, who was stricken with polio in her childhood, host a guest from different Arab countries who have different disabilities. Each episode deals with cases of bullying and the problems they go through. New episode every Friday!

We note that the production of this series preceded the war on Gaza, and its broadcast has been delayed until now due to the war.